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Sandrine Dal Zotto, founder and designer
Sandrine Dal Zotto, founder and designer

DALZOTTO is a French brand of bags and accessories, founded by the Parisian designer Sandrine Dal Zotto.

The story of DALZOTTO is first and foremost the story of a woman in love with freedom.

Idealist, impatient and optimistic, Sandrine Dal Zotto has always built his life without worrying about ephemeral fashions or what will be said, following his instinct.

Like its creator, the brand DALZOTTO is resolutely independent and free.

It is to meet her own needs as a woman active in two-wheelers, always between two meetings in the four corners of Paris, that Sandrine Dal Zotto draws her first bag, the iconic LOVE AFFAIR.

Faced with the growing success of the many variations of LOVE AFFAIR, the collection expands today with other lines of bags: BIG BOAT, TIME KILLER and TENNIS BALL, designed by Sandrine Dal Zotto and handcrafted in Ile de France .

“My source of inspiration is active women, always on the move, those who have many lives in one day.

Whether they are a startuper, slasher, freelance, artist, working mum, sportswoman, …

They range from an office to a gym, from a co-working space to a restaurant, from a trade show to a dinner with friends … By metro, scooter, bike, 2 wheels, on foot , by carpooling … Carrying with them their essentials: computer, tablet, headphones, sports equipment, cosmetic bag, 2nd pair of shoes, water bottle …

I create for the active women bags, chic and practical, offering a large capacity of storage and functional arrangements. “

Sandrine Dal Zotto

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